Astro Whacker

Transform any MIDI file into a boomwhackers music game! Let’s whack it!

A World of Music Game

The Astro Whacker is only available in the World of Music Apps Launcher! A unique environment where you will enjoy extra valuable tools to fire up your lessons. This version, as well as many other tools, are for FREE!

Regardless of whether you want to use your boomwhackers or the available virtual version on your touchscreen or touchboard, with the Astro Whacker, you will be able to introduce your students to a fun musical game with any music of your choice!

Your music astronauts will need to defend their spaceship from the musical astroids!

This Beta Version is MIDI-based, meaning that you can create your music lessons by importing any MIDI file of your choice and transforming it into a gamified musical moment.

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