From zero to music hero with our music learning games

Playful introduction into the world of making music

Our music learning games listen to you while you play and provide immediate feedback – making learning an instrument fun!

Fun and engaging

Apps listen to your playing

No music reading skills necessary

Welcome to the World of Music!

Developed by award-winning music educators

Fun and engaging

Apps listen to you playing

No music reading skills necessary

Harmony city, ages 9+ NEW

Learn ukulele and guitar with your favorite YouTube artists.

Starting from 6.49€ / month.
Flute Master, ages 6+

Learning to play the recorder. The app listens to you playing!

Starting from 9.99€ / one time purchase.
Rhythmic Village, ages 6+

Learn rhythm in a unique adventure with your new friends: the Rhythmiacs.

9.99€ / one time purchase.
Cornelius Composer, ages 6+

One of the easiest ways to compose and edit music.

9.99€ / one time purchase.

Developed by professional
music teachers

Classplash operates its own music school, professional music teachers and over 200 students take part in the development of our music learning apps. For the team at Classplash, it’s all about the children: our focus is to convey music to kids in a fun and engaging way.

The founder of Classplash Carlos was recognized as “the best teacher worldwide.” by Microsoft. „I believe that music is important for the development of children, and my goal is to give access to every child in this magical world to learn music, easily, playful, and affordable”.

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Great deals for schools and teachers!

Do you want to motivate your students and improve the classroom experience? Then dive into our digital world, which supports your professional needs, while keeping your students engaged and happy.

Become a Superstar Educator and dive into Classplash’s World of Music!

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Made with care

Not only do our music apps need to have an impact on the user, but we also need to make sure that our physical products fulfill sustainable requests. We work together with a workshop for people with disabilities and we try, if possible, to produce everything in local – Germany.

As we are always looking to give back to our planet we have several practices to reduce our CO2 footprint, so every CO2 emission, which was produced because of our products, is compensated.

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The Magic Flute

We are the official game developer for the upcoming blockbuster movie “The Magic Flute” which will be released next year. Stay tuned!

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