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Hello Music Star! Start your journey to playing chords on the ukulele or guitar and experience instant results in just minutes.

Enter Harmony City and learn to play with your favorite songs from YouTube and impress your family and friends right away.

Playful Start

Play along with popular YouTube songs in a unique game environment, filling chord buildings with vibrant music energy.

Real-time Feedback

 Receive instant feedback to enhance your playing and boost your confidence.

100+ Popular Songs

Enjoy a carefully curated list with over 100+ cool and modern songs that match your preferences.

Customized Experience

Personalize chord colors to match your style and instruments. Switch between ukulele and guitar at any time.

Boomwhackers & Ukulele Colors (min)
Woman learning how to play guitar on online class

Universal Appeal

Harmony City is loved by both children and adults, creating a vibrant learning community.

Classoom Unleashed

Used by teachers worldwide to enhance their music curriculum and to encourage students to share their outcomes and progress, fostering a collaborative and interactive learning environment.

Guitar Lessons Easy and Fun

YouTube Artist Community


Attention YouTubers! Are you passionate about sharing your music with a global audience and making a positive impact on children’s lives? Look no further! Classplash, the creators of the Harmony City App, are searching for talented YouTube music artists like you to join our mission.

At Classplash, we strongly believe in the educational power of music. That’s why we’re dedicated to collaborating with YouTube artists to enhance the value of their videos and bring them to kids all around the world. We’re already working closely with a fantastic group of enthusiastic YouTube musicians who are thrilled to be part of this exciting project.

Our goal is to showcase your incredible work in our app, providing the recognition and exposure you truly deserve. But we’re not stopping there! We’re constantly seeking to expand our network and community, and we want YOU to be a part of it.

If you’re a YouTube artist who wants to make a difference in children’s lives through the magic of music, we want to hear from you! Join us and see how you can become part of our growing family. Together, let’s inspire and teach kids worldwide how to play the ukulele or guitar through your captivating music clips.

Contact us today and let’s create harmony in Harmony City!


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"When I saw the two brothers at the german show Shark Tank, I got the app straight away. My little one got a ukulele last year, and since then she has only been lying in the corner because it was too exhausting to practice. With this app she is now practicing again."
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"Really cool - I'm may not the target group at 34, but I've been trying to teach myself to play the guitar for a year now. So far, however, with moderate success. After seeing the app at the lion's den, I wanted to test it out and ordered the ukulele right away. At the moment I practice at least 40 minutes a day."
<b>Junior Soprano</b>
Junior Soprano
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"The app is a huge help! Just tuning the strings is so much easier because the app provides feedback on whether the tone is correct. Optical and acoustic signals give tips, there is a lot of praise and good explanations. Overall, the program is aimed at children, but it is also extremely useful as an adult..."
Francie & Ben
Francie & Ben
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"The app is cute and fun to learn with. I'm very satisfied. If it got more than 5 stars I would probably give even more."
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"Absolutely fun to practice with. Recommendation!"

Need Help?

The app Harmony City will listen to your instrument through your device’s built-in microphone. Within the app, you will be guided through step-by-step guitar and ukulele lessons. As you learn new chords, you will advance your level to get access to new cover songs. It’s important to ensure that the learning process is gradual, and you don’t start immediately with the most complex songs. This learning technique has been also successfully used in our musical schools.

The app aims to make learning as simple and fun as possible. As you play the game, you will enjoy the process and be surprised at how easy learning a musical instrument can be.

Harmony City runs on both iOS and Android platforms. In addition, we are planning to release this year the version of the app compatible with Windows.

This is completely normal for new strings to give way and become out of tune. Regardless of whether you have a new ukulele or put on new strings – it can take several days (with constant retuning) until the ukulele is stable.

This has to do with the fact that new strings tend to contract at the beginning and that the wood of a ukulele or guitar reacts differently to temperature differences. To speed up the process, you can pull the strings upwards several times with your fingers (approx. 1 – 2cm). The retuning generally decreases over time and occurs, with daily playing, after approx. 2 weeks;)

You can find them directly within the app, but stay tuned for more hints and subscribe youtube to our YouTube channel.

The time you spend in the app will depend on how fast you wish to achieve the progress. We recommend that you play for at least 60 minutes weekly.

We appreciate the work that cover artists do and believe that they need to be supported. Together with their songs, we are able to expand the app’s capabilities and deliver even more valuable content to the users.

Not every song you will find on YouTube is suitable for learning how to play ukulele or guitar. That’s why we select the songs ourselves to ensure that they fit your needs. However, we regularly upload new songs to the song list, so stay tuned for new additions!

We are continuously working and improving the app to provide new content, deliver the best user experience possible, and fulfill our vision of making the app accessible to all children around the world. As such, we need your financial support, – we aim to set fair pricing based on public research. 

You can also always try out Harmony City for free to see whether it fits your needs. 

Yes, it is absolutely safe. First of all, we do not collect any personal data without your explicit permission. The sound detection is only used for feedback recognition and keeps always on your device. User account data is securely stored on German servers. For further information, please visit our privacy policy.

You may notice that Harmony City does not have a story yet, as our other apps do. We are currently working to implement this feature and are planning to have this completed by the end of 2022.

If you are a YouTube cover artist, you can get in touch with us through this form to tell us more about you! We will then check your content and the quality of your recordings and get back to you as soon as possible. 

Please don’t worry if your channel is still small or you don’t have extensive experience, – at Classplash, we aim to support small artists as well!

Through music and learning a musical instrument, self-confidence, social behavior and personality formation, the development of logical-mathematical understanding, word memory, language development, and the stimulation of movement, a sense of rhythm and happiness, among other things, are promoted.

Through the warm sounds of a ukulele or guitar, children and young people really enjoy making music. By learning the chords step by step, quick learning successes are achieved – the perfect foundation for a successful music career.

Due to our efforts to ensure that our apps can also be used by people with disabilities, we have integrated a special mode in Harmony City for people who suffer from color blindness. This way, you won’t be deprived of a great gaming experience either and we are working on implementing this mode in our other apps as well.

No, we deliberately avoided that. In our tutorial videos, we explain the different methods to you, but leave the choice to you as to which of them you want to use in the songs. The reason: We would like to give you the freedom to use what you enjoy the most on your ukulele or guitar.