Cornelius Composer, ages 6+

Creating and editing sheet music is easy with Cornelius Composer – the best app for composing music.

9.99€ / one time purchase.
Use it in on your platform of choice: Works on Android, iOS, Windows 8/10 and MacOS.

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A Better Creative Experience

Even if it is your introduction to writing music or an alternative to your usual tool, Cornelius Composer is designed to give you the best and the easiest composing experience. To complement your learning process, we have created a series of brief video tutorials, available for free on our channel.

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Cornelius Composer FAQ

Yes, you can! Our latest update has introduced the multi-stave feature, so that you can use as many staves as you need.

For sure! In the full version of the Cornelius Composer app, you are able to import and export as many music sheets as you need. We support Midi, Music XML and PDF. Please be advised that PDFs can only be exported.

Yes, you can save as many music sheets as you need and get back to them whenever you are ready. Your work will not be lost! 

That's not a problem. You can navigate to the settings of the music composer app and change the color system the way you need. You can even change the note names, if necessary.

This feature is not available at the moment, but we are working hard to implement it as soon as possible.

This capability is not implemented at the moment, but we are already working on it. 

Indeed! If you have access to the Google Play Store, you can use our music composer App.

We do not collect any personal information without your consent. User account data is securely stored on German servers. For further information, please visit our privacy policy.

We are constantly working to improve our app for composing sheet music and deliver unparalleled user experience for you. As such, we require your financial support, - but you can be assured that our pricing is set fairly based on public research. We also offer free trials with all of our apps, so that you can make sure that it is the right fit for your needs. 

Due to our efforts to ensure that our apps can also be used by people with disabilities, we have integrated a special mode in Cornelius Composer for people who suffer from color blindness. This way, you won't be deprived of a great gaming experience either and we are working on implementing this mode in our other apps as well.

Yes, you can. Use the export function in the side menu and export the score as PDF. You can then open and print it like any PDF file. Please note that this export function is only available in the full version of Cornelius Composer (i.e. after purchase).

For more technical questions, consult our General FAQ.


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