Best Music Educational Apps: How to read music!

Oh, You Want To Read Music? Choose One Of Our Joyful Apps To Master Music Reading

Discover the magic of music notation and rhythm skills in Rhythmic Village, the interactive and fun learning app for kids. Meet the Rhythmiacs, play along with real instruments and get real-time feedback. Developed by award-winning educators for kids of all ages and skill levels. Join the adventure with your child and watch their love for music grow.
Unlock the world of music creation with Cornelius Composer, the world’s first animated notation software for kids. Create your own compositions, from exercises to piano sheet and classroom orchestrations, and import and export sheet music easily. Improve your sight-reading skills with the solfege function and share and showcase your compositions with friends and family.
Introduce your child in reading music by composing with Baby Composer, an interactive APP that teaches the basics of notation, and encourages creativity by allowing children to create a wide range of melodies using a real glockenspiel. It’s the perfect tool for bonding with your child and developing their musical skills.
Make learning music an interactive and fun experience for your child with Hello Music. Introduce them to common notes in music using child-designed Mujis. Wake up the sleeping notes by clapping along with the music or using a variety of percussion instruments such as drumsticks, woodblock, hand drum, bongos, etc. This APP is the perfect tool for parents to bond with their children and develop their musical skills.