Our commitment

Packed with Love

Not only our music apps need to have an impact on the user, but we also need to make sure that our physical products fulfill the sustainable request.

We work together with a workshop for the disabled and we try, if possible, to produce everything in Germany.

Reducing the carbon footprint

At Classplash, we offer unique bundles that include the instruments matching the respective apps together with our software. While the production of our bundles cannot be realized completely emission-free, we are determined to minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible and make the process more sustainable step-by-step.

One example of our efforts is our new recorder instrument bundle. Here, we have moved the entire production to Germany. In the future, we will purchase the recorder from the traditional company Hohner in Trossingen.

The production of the packaging and the print media as well as the packaging itself takes place in the south of Germany. Even our logistics warehouse is based in southern Germany, which means that we can reduce transport distances to an absolute minimum.

We can therefore say with full pride that our Flute Master recorder bundle is now 100% Made in Germany.

How much CO2 our recorder bundle emits, you can read in our FAQ below, which was created in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Lambrecht from the Institute for Industrial Ecology of the University of Pforzheim.

Diversity without boundaries

Classplash is for everyone, – and this spirit is inseparable from our open-minded vision. Every day, we work hard to build a global Classplash community free of boundaries and limitations. Whether young or old, with or without disabilities, in South America or East Asia… The language of music connects as all.

Quality music education

At Classplash, we believe in providing quality musical education that will be accessible anytime, anywhere, and for everyone. As such, we develop new educational methods and create interactive apps that are not only playfully easy, but also provide a unique and effective learning experience for children and adults alike.

Developed with music professionals and students

We own our own private music Academia de Música Classplash, where we develop our apps and use all of our educational products. As such, all of the products are created together with music professionals and real students to support the learning environment both at school and at home.

Worldwide awarded education project

Our music apps form the World of Music Educational App Suite, an education project that was recognized and awarded worldwide. Our programs include apps for learning the recorder (Flute Master), rhythm and percussion instruments (Rhythmic Village), as well as guitar and ukulele (Harmony City). We also offer a notation music composer software (Cornelius Composer) and two apps for the youngest musicians (Hello Music and Baby Composer).

Our Background

Classplash is a European video game development company based in Germany and Portugal, which aims to create apps that make quality musical education more accessible to children and adults around the world.
Founded in 2013 by João Carlos Duarte Ramalheiro, the company started with “Oratio Classroom – The World of Music,” an educational software concept created together with over 200 elementary school students. When Carlos Duarte presented the concept to the international forum of “Partners in Learning,” the novel idea earned him the first place worldwide as the most innovative teacher. Duarte then moved on to create Insignio Labs, which was later renamed to Classplash GmbH as we know it today.
Everyday, the Classplash team is working hard to continue developing, testing, and bringing the unique educational apps and projects to the world stage.

Water Heroes – A Game for Change

Water Heroes, ages 9+

A Game for Change.

We developed Water Heroes to help the people of Ecuador, who are fighting for drinking water in the increasingly oil-polluted Amazon. Our wish was to develop a game that is meaningful but also fun, involving, and awesome.

More info here >

Our commitment FAQ

For the actual evaluation, we took an all-encompassing look at the complete life cycle. We not only looked at the actual production of the flute, all print media, the bag and wiper, but also the development of Flute Master, the actual use of the app by the user and also the possible disposal of the flute. Likewise, the distribution, both of the app and the flute, has also been taken into account. We arrived at a CO2 footprint of about 1.35kg per sold flute instrument set. The biggest part is the production (about 50%). App development accounts for 17% and the rest is divided between the use of the app (approx. 14%) and disposal (approx. 20%). Even though we have already been able to greatly optimize the process, we continue to strive to initiate improvements. But you can do something too! How? By using the plastic flute over several generations and thus avoiding waste generation. You can see how this is possible below.

With the flute set we have currently completed our first and also complex analysis. We would like to do the same with the other products to be able to create a starting point for improvement and at the same time to be able to at least compensate this created CO2 footprint. As soon as we have determined this as well, we will publish the results here.  

A plastic recorder / flute does indeed have some advantages over a wooden recorder. It is tunable under different external conditions and thus hardly goes out of tune over time, if at all. It is also very robust and durable. With regular cleaning (e.g. in a dishwasher), the plastic recorder can or should be used for several generations.

With the recorder we are happy to have a 100% Made in Germany product. We are always trying to improve the production and supply chains and where possible, also for ecological reasons, to relocate to Germany. However, this is not possible for all products. For the ukulele and the drum pad instrument set, for example, we use high-quality Asian manufacturers. But even here there are differences and we always try to include high-quality products and select the suppliers specifically. So we are able and in line with our vision to make an affordable, but also high quality product, affordable for almost everyone.

Carbon neutrality is our vision. However a truly climate-neutral production that works completely without the emission of greenhouse gases / CO2 is not yet practicable today. Therefore, we are currently determining the CO2 values of our products and would like to compensate them. But a climate neutrality, as it is often suggested, is in our opinion not really possible in a production. We therefore optimize our products in a climate-friendly way, with the relentless goal of reducing CO2. Our office in Germany, for example, is equipped with a photovoltaic system, as is the shipping company that sends our products. We also exclusively use the "climate neutral GoGreen" shipping of DHL.

We believe that inclusion must be an essential part of our company philosophy - people with disabilities also want to participate in working life. Furthermore, we have a close family connection to this workshop. The father of Carlos and Rui (the founders) worked there for more than 30 years as a caregiver, so this also has a personal component - back to the roots, so to speak.

Well, we are proud to say that we see ourselves as true Europeans. Carlos and Rui, the founders of Classplash, both grew up in Isny in the Allgäu region of Germany. Carlos moved to Portugal to study and Rui stayed in Germany. As brothers, it was always a dream to one day start a business together, which was made possible by Classplash. Fair working conditions must therefore exist not only in Germany and we are happy to offer our employees the best possible working environment. This is only possible with transparency, respect for others and creating optimal circumstances. 

As parents, musicians, music educators and passionate gamers, we are convinced that we need to make it as easy as possible for children to access music. After all, music has a very positive influence on a child's development. Therefore, the focus of our apps is the didactic content and its playful mediation via storytelling, musical background and loving animations. We offer the combination of playful learning, innovative technology and sustainable education.

Through music and learning a musical instrument, self-confidence, social behavior and personality formation, the development of logical-mathematical understanding, word memory, language development, and the stimulation of movement, a sense of rhythm and happiness, among other things, are promoted.

Yes, we are also involved in social projects, because we believe that education should be accessible to all children. For example, we are currently planning a larger project with the organization 'Wave of Hope for the Future' to equip their refugee camps with instruments and our apps. If you have an idea for an engagement, please contact us. We are still a very small team, but we would love to hear from you!

Due to our efforts to ensure that our apps can also be used by people with disabilities, we have integrated a special mode in Harmony City and Cornelius Composer for people who suffer from color blindness. This way, you won't be deprived of a great gaming experience either and we are working on implementing this mode in our other apps as well.


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