App purchases and Licenses

Did you purchase the application from an online store (App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store, Steam)? Unfortunately, licenses (ID and key) are only issued when purchasing physical bundles, not when purchasing the apps in an online store, as this is not allowed by the rules of these stores. Apps and licenses are equivalent in function, but licenses can be installed on all platforms, while apps downloaded from an online store will only run on the platform of the respective store. Before 2018, licenses for Windows/macOS could also be purchased through our website and PayPal. We no longer offer this option.

In most cases: unfortunately no.

Apps purchased from a store such as Google Play, App Store, Microsoft Store, or Steam will only work on the corresponding platform of the store.

Because of the store’s rules, we cannot automatically generate licenses or codes from purchases that would allow them to be unlocked on other platforms.

Licenses for different platforms may only be used in conjunction with a physical product such as our instrument bundles.

Usually, after pressing the “Buy” button in the app, you will be redirected to a shop screen to proceed with your purchase. Upon completion, the app should inform you that it is now fully unlocked.

If for some reason this has not happened, but your purchase has been completed, we recommend that you restart the app and try the “Restore Purchase” button below the “Buy” button. Please make sure you are permanently connected to the Internet.

If the purchase still does not work, please contact us via [email protected].

The levels are not really “locked” anymore, they are just waiting for you to open them.

If you have purchased the full version of our app, you have access to all the main levels of the game. But you must first complete level 1 to unlock level 2, level 2 to unlock level 3, and so on.

If restoring your purchase does not work even though you are logged in with the correct account, there are two possible reasons:

1) If you are using an Android device, the data for Google Play purchases on the device may be out of date. This is a common problem, but you can fix it. First, close our app completely via the “open apps” screen, then go to the list of apps installed on your device. Search for “Google Play Store” and “Google Play Services” and delete the cached data for both. If you now open our app, you should be able to restore your purchase.

2) You may have purchased an earlier version of the app but are trying to use the newer one. In the past, we have changed most of our apps from a directly paid version to a free trial version with in-app purchase of the full version. Unfortunately, it was not possible to automatically convert existing users, as the stores considered the app to be a completely new app. We are very sorry for this inconvenience! If this problem applies to you, please send us an email with a copy of your purchase confirmation ( feel free to remove any sensitive information) and we will try to give you access to the latest version.

Most likely the system had a problem trying to boot and is now causing these difficulties. It should normally be able to make purchases again after a short time with an active Internet connection. If this is not the case, we recommend that you close the app completely and try again afterwards.

To close the app on Android and iOS, open the screen that shows all open apps and close our app completely by sliding it up.

Yes, most of the licenses included in our physical bundles allow you to use our applications on 3 different personal devices.

If you should no longer have access to one of the devices, our system can renew access after some time and you can use your license on another new device.

If the device you use in the classroom is yours, for example your laptop that you bring to class every day, you can definitely do that.

Also on a school computer that is only used by one person, the same license may be used.

However, if several people share the same computer, the school should purchase a corresponding number of individual licenses.

Some recorders only contain a reference to Flute Master (and the QR code to our website), so you know the app exists and can teach you to play the recorder. These recorders do not include a license to actually unlock the full game.

Unless the package states that a license is included, as is the case with bundles from Voggenreiter and some from Yamaha or ours, the bundle does not include a license.

The license in any case is functionally equivalent to a purchase from one of the online stores such as Google Play, App Store, Microsoft Store and Steam (for the respective operating systems), which can be made from within the game itself. The advantage of having a license is that it can be used on multiple devices and different operating systems, which is not the case with purchases from the online stores.

Did you make the purchase in the App Store or within the App?

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow the use of Family Sharing for in-app purchases, but only for products that are paid up front.

This error can occur due to limitations in your school’s network, especially if it is SSL or port 443.

Please contact the person/team responsible for managing your school’s network and inform them that our applications require access to the domain “” and its subdomains (* via port 443, which is used for secure https connections. Most importantly, the applications require access to the sub-domain “”, which is used for license verification.

Please look for our Apps which end with the name "school version". These versions you can purchase via the VPP.

First of all: If you have a problem with our apps, we will be happy to help you via [email protected] to try to fix it. However, if we can’t solve your problem this way, or if you simply made a mispurchase, please proceed as follows:

Only Apple can make refunds for apps on the App Store. Please follow their instructions here:

For Google Play please follow these instructions and read the general information:

In the Microsoft Store, you can find further help on how to get a refund for app purchases made here:


Did you get an error message from the app when using the microphone? Then it could be that you have not yet allowed it to access the microphone of your device. The app will ask you for this permission the first time you start it. If you want to edit this setting later, go to System Preferences, select the app and enable microphone access. You can usually find this option under the menu items “Privacy” or “Permissions”. Don’t worry, our apps only use the microphone for sound recognition.

If this was not the cause of the problem, it could also be due to the microphone selection.

In Windows and Mac OS, check that your microphone is working and is selected as the default microphone (Note: You may even be able to select the appropriate microphone within the app, even if you don’t have the default microphone set in your System Preferences).

  • In Windows, right-click on the volume icon in the system tray (lower right corner of the screen), click on “Open sound settings” and select the default input device. You can get better results by activating filters (“Enhancements”), because the mute background noise.
  • Under macOS you can make these settings here: System Settings > Sound > and here under Input select your >Input Device>.

To see if your microphone works at all, check the level of your microphone by simply generating noise (under Windows a green bar should appear, under macOS a grey bar).

If you are using your device’s speaker and the sound is set very loud, the microphone may have trouble distinguishing the sounds you play from the music in the app. For this reason, we recommend wearing headphones when playing.

Another possible solution is to move the microphone away from the speakers (if possible) or reduce the volume of the game.

Also, if there is a lot of noise around you (e.g. from traffic or people talking loudly), the game may not be able to hear your instrument well. Try to find a quiet place to practice.

If possible, you can also play closer to the microphone. This helps the game a little.

The problem can also be technical. If you are playing under Windows or MacOS, please check the input volume of the microphone:

– In Windows, double-click on the microphone and go to “Level”.

– Under MacOS, select your input device under Sound > Input.

Make sure that the input volume and/or boost level are sufficiently high.

We understand the question, but please keep in mind that our applications are essentially still paid software. We provide them as free trial versions, so you can try them out to see if they work well for you before you buy the full version.

If something is not available in the light/demo/trial version, it’s because we thought it would make more sense for users to have access to it only after they have purchased it.

Don’t worry, we will definitely not access your photos or any random files on your device.

What our apps do need, however, is permission to access the device’s memory to store your progress.

Depending on the app, these permissions may be necessary to import/export files, but you always have control over the selection of this data.

This warning appears due to downloading the app from the Internet. If you downloaded the app from our website, this is normal.

To open the app on Windows you can press “More info” in the warning screen and then “Run anyway”.

On macOS, you may need to right-click the app and select “Open” INSTEAD of just double-clicking the app to open. Doing it from the context menu lets you choose “Open” again in the question dialog that appears.

Oh dear!

If this happens, please contact us via [email protected] and explain the problem. Tell us on which device (model) and operating system you have installed the application (Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android) as well as the version of the application (you can see this in the options menu, e.g. it says “2.20.01”).

If we cannot find a solution, you can request a refund. For details, see “I want a refund for my purchase. What do I need to do?”.

Projecting from a laptop or desktop computer usually works well. However, the problem described often occurs with mobile devices.

If you’re using an iOS device, try using the control panel to select a different AirPlay configuration. Also, make sure your device has the latest version of iOS installed.

If you are still having problems, please contact us at [email protected]. Explain the situation and tell us which app you are trying to project. Together we will surely find a solution to the problem!

Please contact us via [email protected] and explain the problem. If it’s a technical issue, please mention what operating system you are running the app on (Windows, macOS, iOS or Android) as well as the app’s version (you should find this in the options menu as something like “2.20.01”).

On working days we will reply as soon as possible.

Harmony City

The app Harmony City will listen to your instrument through your device’s built-in microphone. Within the app, you will be guided through step-by-step guitar and ukulele lessons. As you learn new chords, you will advance your level to get access to new cover songs. It’s important to ensure that the learning process is gradual, and you don’t start immediately with the most complex songs. This learning technique has been also successfully used in our musical schools.

The app aims to make learning as simple and fun as possible. As you play the game, you will enjoy the process and be surprised at how easy learning a musical instrument can be.

Harmony City runs on both iOS and Android platforms. In addition, we are planning to release this year the version of the app compatible with Windows.

This is completely normal for new strings to give way and become out of tune. Regardless of whether you have a new ukulele or put on new strings - it can take several days (with constant retuning) until the ukulele is stable.

This has to do with the fact that new strings tend to contract at the beginning and that the wood of a ukulele or guitar reacts differently to temperature differences. To speed up the process, you can pull the strings upwards several times with your fingers (approx. 1 - 2cm). The retuning generally decreases over time and occurs, with daily playing, after approx. 2 weeks;)

You can find them directly within the app, but stay tuned for more hints and subscribe youtube to our YouTube channel.

The time you spend in the app will depend on how fast you wish to achieve the progress. We recommend that you play for at least 60 minutes weekly.

We appreciate the work that cover artists do and believe that they need to be supported. Together with their songs, we are able to expand the app’s capabilities and deliver even more valuable content to the users.

Not every song you will find on YouTube is suitable for learning how to play ukulele or guitar. That's why we select the songs ourselves to ensure that they fit your needs. However, we regularly upload new songs to the song list, so stay tuned for new additions!

We are continuously working and improving the app to provide new content, deliver the best user experience possible, and fulfill our vision of making the app accessible to all children around the world. As such, we need your financial support, - we aim to set fair pricing based on public research. 

You can also always try out Harmony City for free to see whether it fits your needs. 

Yes, it is absolutely safe. First of all, we do not collect any personal data without your explicit permission. The sound detection is only used for feedback recognition and keeps always on your device. User account data is securely stored on German servers. For further information, please visit our privacy policy.

You may notice that Harmony City does not have a story yet, as our other apps do. We are currently working to implement this feature and are planning to have this completed by the end of 2022.

If you are a YouTube cover artist, you can get in touch with us through this form to tell us more about you! We will then check your content and the quality of your recordings and get back to you as soon as possible. 

Please don’t worry if your channel is still small or you don’t have extensive experience, - at Classplash, we aim to support small artists as well!

Through music and learning a musical instrument, self-confidence, social behavior and personality formation, the development of logical-mathematical understanding, word memory, language development, and the stimulation of movement, a sense of rhythm and happiness, among other things, are promoted.

Through the warm sounds of a ukulele or guitar, children and young people really enjoy making music. By learning the chords step by step, quick learning successes are achieved - the perfect foundation for a successful music career.

Due to our efforts to ensure that our apps can also be used by people with disabilities, we have integrated a special mode in Harmony City for people who suffer from color blindness. This way, you won't be deprived of a great gaming experience either and we are working on implementing this mode in our other apps as well.

No, we deliberately avoided that. In our tutorial videos, we explain the different methods to you, but leave the choice to you as to which of them you want to use in the songs. The reason: We would like to give you the freedom to use what you enjoy the most on your ukulele or guitar.

Flute Master

The app Flute Master will recognize your instrument in real-time through the built-in microphone on your device. Within the app, you will play an interactive video game to learn the basics of recorder finger positioning and note reading to play along various music pieces.

At Classplash, we believe that learning music can be easy and, most importantly, fun! As such, our Flute Master app was designed to help you learn how to play the recorder through a simple interactive video game, with fun characters and an exciting frame story behind it. Teachers as well can use it in classroom.

Flute Master runs on both iOS and Android platforms, as well as on Windows and MacOS. 

Depending on the device, the bats and the music may not be in sync. To fix this problem, please use the “Audio Delay” slider, which you can find in the Options Menu. If the bats pass the tower too early (before their correct time in the track), try a lower or more negative value. If the opposite is the case, try positive values. Try it out to determine which value works best for your device. Check out the video.

Of course! You can get all of the individual background tracks from music tracks flute master. For sheet music, please download this flute master songs zip file file. It contains the sheet music for the 30 main tracks.

A recorder is an “inner channel flute,” so it is actually a flute with a whistle mouthpiece, - the flute family is large, and this can easily cause confusion!

For most English-speaking people whose native language is not English, a “recorder” is most commonly defined as a device that records sound, so the name “Recorder Master” didn’t seem appropriate to us (and was already taken at the time). On the other hand, Portuguese, for example, refer to the recorder as “flauta” (or “flauta de bisel”), which is much more similar to the word “flute”. This is also the case in many other European languages. 

But, of course you are right, - the game is about soprano recorders. A real “flute”, or a transverse flute, will not work with Flute Master.

The app itself contains a range of useful tips, but you can also subscribe youtube to our YouTube channel for more information on how to use our recorder learning app.

The time you dedicate to the app will depend on your personal preferences and how fast you wish to progress. However, we recommend that you play no less than 60 minutes per week.

We do not collect any personal information without your consent. The sound detection is only used for feedback recognition and keeps always on your device. User account data is securely stored on German servers. For further information, please visit our privacy policy.

Through music and learning a musical instrument, self-confidence, social behavior and personality formation, the development of logical-mathematical understanding, word memory, language development, and the stimulation of movement, a sense of rhythm and happiness, among other things, are promoted.

Playing on a recorder is therefore particularly suitable, because the child quickly achieves learning successes and thus gets fun in making music. This is the perfect way to start learning other instruments.

At Classplash, we are constantly working to improve the app and deliver the best possible user experience for you. In addition, we are working hard to make the app accessible to all children around the globe. Therefore, we ask for your financial support, - but we aim to set fair and affordable pricing. You can also always try Flute Master for free.

No. It is important that you start step-by-step, as the level progression is an important component of our teaching method, which was recognized and awarded worldwide. With regular practice, you will quickly unlock the next levels, so no need to hurry! If you are an educator and you want to unlock immediately the last level, please write us.

Indeed! If you have access to the Google Play Store, you can use our learning App.

Yes! Please visit our App Shop and check out all the available Platforms!

Cornelius Composer

Yes, you can! Our latest update has introduced the multi-stave feature, so that you can use as many staves as you need.

For sure! In the full version of the Cornelius Composer app, you are able to import and export as many music sheets as you need. We support Midi, Music XML and PDF. Please be advised that PDFs can only be exported.

Yes, you can save as many music sheets as you need and get back to them whenever you are ready. Your work will not be lost! 

That's not a problem. You can navigate to the settings of the music composer app and change the color system the way you need. You can even change the note names, if necessary.

This feature is not available at the moment, but we are working hard to implement it as soon as possible.

This capability is not implemented at the moment, but we are already working on it. 

Indeed! If you have access to the Google Play Store, you can use our music composer App.

We do not collect any personal information without your consent. User account data is securely stored on German servers. For further information, please visit our privacy policy.

We are constantly working to improve our app for composing sheet music and deliver unparalleled user experience for you. As such, we require your financial support, - but you can be assured that our pricing is set fairly based on public research. We also offer free trials with all of our apps, so that you can make sure that it is the right fit for your needs. 

Due to our efforts to ensure that our apps can also be used by people with disabilities, we have integrated a special mode in Cornelius Composer for people who suffer from color blindness. This way, you won't be deprived of a great gaming experience either and we are working on implementing this mode in our other apps as well.

Yes, you can. Use the export function in the side menu and export the score as PDF. You can then open and print it like any PDF file. Please note that this export function is only available in the full version of Cornelius Composer (i.e. after purchase).

World of Music for schools

Over 50% of our music apps can be used in school for free. To get access to the "Freemium" apps, you will get two licenses! One educator license and an associated student master license which you can use for a specific number of devices at school. For your students at home, you will get an exclusive discount voucher, which you can share with them. Please check out our actual offer. You can use the license on any platform! 

Indeed, they are based on the K8 curriculum requirements used in public schools, developed with professionals in the educational field and we put them to use at our Classplash Music Academy. The concept behind anything we do was awarded worldwide at the Microsoft Educational Forums with first place in the category "Educators Choice - Best Classroom Practices"

You can use your laptop connected to a projector or TV, use your high-tech equipment like an interactive whiteboard or display, or simply your iPad. All our apps run on diverse platforms! Visit the app-specific page and check out if your device is supported.

Indeed! If you have access to the Google Play Store, you can use our learning Apps.

We don't recommend using this feature while having kids playing individually on their devices simultaneously. The sound-detection feature is used worldwide by educators for the whole class. So let them have fun together or create small groups to compete together. One of your students wants to present his skills to his classroom mates? Then offer her/him this opportunity!

We recommend our World of Music apps which can accompany your work with students from late kindergarten through sixth grade.

Yes! With the World of Music Apps Launcher, you can launch our apps and have cool extra content for FREE like our popular Astro Whacker game, as well as, small virtual instruments, a ukulele tuner, online slide lessons, and many more. 

Based on the pedagogical approach of each app and after understanding each app you can save your time indeed! Simply guide your students through new experiences in a fantasy world full of musical challenges. Based on our experience kids' purpose a lot of times what to explore in the classroom!

We use our own color system which is based on our experience in the field of music education, but basically, on any app (besides Flute Master right now) you can customize the color system which you want to use. So if you are using instruments with a specific color pattern, like the Boomwhakers simply customize it in the app.

Due to our efforts to ensure that our apps can also be used by people with disabilities, we have integrated a special mode in Harmony City and Cornelius Composer for people who suffer from color blindness. This way, you won't be deprived of a great gaming experience either and we are working on implementing this mode in our other apps as well

Besides our recommendations based on the sound-detections feature (please see above), you can let your imagination fly. If you want to explore Students Centered Learning let them explore freely on their devices the rhythmic patterns in Rhythmic Village. Let them create their compositions with Cornelius Composer, use your interactive whiteboard to project sheet music our let your students play along with the gameplay. Feel free to explore our "Explained for teachers" video series to get ideas.

Besides Harmony City, you only need an internet connection to insert the licenses to unlock our apps. After this process, you can use them offline.

The safety of children's data has the highest priority at Classplash. As we are very careful with this sensitive topic and based on the European guidelines we don't share the info to a teacher's dashboard for example, but we are working on a solution that will respect all guidelines soon. For upcoming updates related to this topic check out our Private Policy here.

No! Apps that listen to you playing only do that! Our sound-detection only uses a frequency analyzer during the gameplay. So don't be afraid that Big-Brother is listening.

You don't need an account for your students as they can create their profiles in each app. You will be able to create and manage student accounts at our upcoming Classplash Portal.

Didn’t find the solution for your issue? Then please write us here. We are happy to help you out!