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Hello little Music Explorer! With the Multi-Award-Winning App you will learn to play the soprano recorder in minutes!

Learn step-by-step through the World of Music and impress your family and friends!

Real-time feedback

The app detects in real-time if you are playing the right notes and gives you hints, making learning fun and easy.

Quick Start

Start playing the soprano recorder right away and see the first successfully played notes in minutes.

Motivating Gameplay

The app features an amusing story in the World of Music where you help a little dragon protect his tower of strawberries from greedy bats.

Personalized Learning

Learn the soprano recorder at your own pace, track your progress, and collect medals.

Best Soprano Recorder Game - Sheet Music
Best Soprano Recorder Game - Music List

Melodies Unleashed

Explore the Flute Master Music Shop, get more music, and elevate your recorder adventure!

Flexible Learning

Learn at home or anywhere you want, as long as you have your instrument and your device. Make learning enjoyable.

Soprano Recorder at Home - Fun for family
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YouTube Play-Along

Level up your practice with our free play-along videos on YouTube. Play famous songs from around the world, skills to the next level.


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"When I saw the two brothers at the german show Shark Tank, I got the app straight away. My little one got a ukulele last year, and since then she has only been lying in the corner because it was too exhausting to practice. With this app she is now practicing again."
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"Really cool - I'm may not the target group at 34, but I've been trying to teach myself to play the guitar for a year now. So far, however, with moderate success. After seeing the app at the lion's den, I wanted to test it out and ordered the ukulele right away. At the moment I practice at least 40 minutes a day."
<b>Junior Soprano</b>
Junior Soprano
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"The app is a huge help! Just tuning the strings is so much easier because the app provides feedback on whether the tone is correct. Optical and acoustic signals give tips, there is a lot of praise and good explanations. Overall, the program is aimed at children, but it is also extremely useful as an adult..."
Francie & Ben
Francie & Ben
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"The app is cute and fun to learn with. I'm very satisfied. If it got more than 5 stars I would probably give even more."
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"Absolutely fun to practice with. Recommendation!"

Need Help?

The app Flute Master will recognize your instrument in real-time through the built-in microphone on your device. Within the app, you will play an interactive video game to learn the basics of recorder finger positioning and note reading to play along various music pieces.

At Classplash, we believe that learning music can be easy and, most importantly, fun! As such, our Flute Master app was designed to help you learn how to play the recorder through a simple interactive video game, with fun characters and an exciting frame story behind it. Teachers as well can use it in classroom.

Flute Master runs on both iOS and Android platforms, as well as on Windows and MacOS. 

Depending on the device, the bats and the music may not be in sync. To fix this problem, please use the “Audio Delay” slider, which you can find in the Options Menu. If the bats pass the tower too early (before their correct time in the track), try a lower or more negative value. If the opposite is the case, try positive values. Try it out to determine which value works best for your device. Check out the video.

Of course! You can get all of the individual background tracks from music tracks flute master. For sheet music, please download this flute master songs zip file file. It contains the sheet music for the 30 main tracks.

A recorder is an “inner channel flute,” so it is actually a flute with a whistle mouthpiece, – the flute family is large, and this can easily cause confusion!

For most English-speaking people whose native language is not English, a “recorder” is most commonly defined as a device that records sound, so the name “Recorder Master” didn’t seem appropriate to us (and was already taken at the time). On the other hand, Portuguese, for example, refer to the recorder as “flauta” (or “flauta de bisel”), which is much more similar to the word “flute”. This is also the case in many other European languages. 

But, of course you are right, – the game is about soprano recorders. A real “flute”, or a transverse flute, will not work with Flute Master.

The app itself contains a range of useful tips, but you can also subscribe youtube to our YouTube channel for more information on how to use our recorder learning app.

The time you dedicate to the app will depend on your personal preferences and how fast you wish to progress. However, we recommend that you play no less than 60 minutes per week.

We do not collect any personal information without your consent. The sound detection is only used for feedback recognition and keeps always on your device. User account data is securely stored on German servers. For further information, please visit our privacy policy.

Through music and learning a musical instrument, self-confidence, social behavior and personality formation, the development of logical-mathematical understanding, word memory, language development, and the stimulation of movement, a sense of rhythm and happiness, among other things, are promoted.

Playing on a recorder is therefore particularly suitable, because the child quickly achieves learning successes and thus gets fun in making music. This is the perfect way to start learning other instruments.

At Classplash, we are constantly working to improve the app and deliver the best possible user experience for you. In addition, we are working hard to make the app accessible to all children around the globe. Therefore, we ask for your financial support, – but we aim to set fair and affordable pricing. You can also always try Flute Master for free.

No. It is important that you start step-by-step, as the level progression is an important component of our teaching method, which was recognized and awarded worldwide. With regular practice, you will quickly unlock the next levels, so no need to hurry! If you are an educator and you want to unlock immediately the last level, please write us.

Indeed! If you have access to the Google Play Store, you can use our learning App.

Yes! Please visit our App Shop and check out all the available Platforms!