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Welcome, Music Explorer! In Rhythmic Village, you will learn to read music while playing percussion instruments.

Meet the lively Rhythmiacs, your joyful guides to fast-paced musical discovery!

Fun Learning

Learn the basics of reading music and drum notation – while playing a rhythm tap game. 

Improve Reading Skills

The app provides step-by-step guidance, allowing learners to improve their reading and rhythm skills quickly.

Educational Progression

The level progression was developed by professionals to ensure that learners can master the basics of reading music in a structured and effective way.

Kid-friendly Approach

With the passion to help children read music, we made Rhythmic Village a kid-proofed solution, making any screen time a fun & reaching musical experience.

RV4 Best Music App for Kids (min)
Rhythm App with Real-Time Feedback (min)

Real-time Feedback

Get instant feedback to boost your confidence. Use real percussion, from Orff instruments to drums and body percussion. 

Classoom Unleashed

Ignite your teaching with Rhythmic Village and watch your classroom rock! Join teachers worldwide in revolutionizing music education with our immersive app.

Rhythmic Village in the Classroom


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"When I saw the two brothers at the german show Shark Tank, I got the app straight away. My little one got a ukulele last year, and since then she has only been lying in the corner because it was too exhausting to practice. With this app she is now practicing again."
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"Really cool - I'm may not the target group at 34, but I've been trying to teach myself to play the guitar for a year now. So far, however, with moderate success. After seeing the app at the lion's den, I wanted to test it out and ordered the ukulele right away. At the moment I practice at least 40 minutes a day."
<b>Junior Soprano</b>
Junior Soprano
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"The app is a huge help! Just tuning the strings is so much easier because the app provides feedback on whether the tone is correct. Optical and acoustic signals give tips, there is a lot of praise and good explanations. Overall, the program is aimed at children, but it is also extremely useful as an adult..."
Francie & Ben
Francie & Ben
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"The app is cute and fun to learn with. I'm very satisfied. If it got more than 5 stars I would probably give even more."
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"Absolutely fun to practice with. Recommendation!"

Need Help?

The drum learning app teaches you how to read sheet music with a fun video game. Visit the “Rhythmic Village” located in the world of music, where you will meet “Rhythmiacs,” beautifully-animated musical notes. Learn rhythm and notes through interactive games and play along on real or digital percussion instruments. The Rhythmic Village app will listen to your instrument through your device’s microphone and assign scores based on your success. An exciting way to explore your drumpad.

Even more! You will learn the specific meaning of each rhythm note, but you will also get to practice your general sense of rhythm, learn the names of percussion instruments, and discover other cool things.

The Rhythmic Village app was created to help you learn to read music and play percussion instruments in a fun and exciting way. As such, the app features interactive video games, original characters, and a variety of innovative learning methods.

Besides our drumpad, which was tested to fit best to the App, you can use virtually any percussion instrument there is, including drums, a triangle, hi-hat, bongos, claves, drum pads, sticks, djembe, castanets, and much more. If you don’t have them on hand, you can just clap, hit the table, or tap directly on your device.

No. It is important that you start step-by-step, as the level progression is an important component of our teaching method, which was recognized and awarded worldwide. With regular practice, you will quickly unlock the next levels, so no need to hurry! If you are an educator and you want to unlock immediately the last level, please write us.

Depending on the device, the Rhythmiacs and the music may not be in sync. To fix this problem, please use the “Audio Delay” slider, which you can find in the Options Menu. Play around with it to determine which value works best for your device. Check out the video.

Rhythmic Village runs on both iOS and Android platforms, as well as on Windows and MacOS.

The app itself contains a range of useful tips, but you can also subscribe youtube to our YouTube channel for more information on how to use our drum learning app.

The time you spend practicing with Rhythmic Village can vary, but it is important that you play no less than 45 minutes per week.

We do not collect any personal information without your consent. The sound detection is only used for feedback recognition and keeps always on your device. User account data is securely stored on German servers. For further information, please visit our privacy policy.

Through music and learning a musical instrument, self-confidence, social behavior and personality formation, the development of logical-mathematical understanding, word memory, language development, and the stimulation of movement, a sense of rhythm and happiness, among other things, are promoted.

The drum or another percussion instrument is perfect, especially for the youngest – a sound is quickly produced and in the right beat, it’s also a lot of fun. Since rhythm is the basic prerequisite for all other instruments, a foundation has already been laid.

At Classplash, we work hard to continuously improve the app to make your learning experience even better. Our fees are fair and affordable, and you can even try Rhythmic Village drum learning app for free to see if it is the right fit for you.

Indeed! If you have access to the Google Play Store, you can use our learning App.