Hello Music, ages 2+

Introduce your child to the fascinating world of music with Hello Music – the best music app for toddlers.

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Hello Music FAQ

Music notation is introduced as “Mujies,” seven living musical notes in the form of adorable animals, which allow the children to explore their musicality through the principle of “action-reaction.” Each musical note learned is given a place on the music sheet, and, over time, it slowly loses its “animal” shape. As a result, the app supports long-lasting early musical education.

No, you can simply clap, and the Mujies will react. In order to do that, make sure to change the detection mode in the settings menu to “clapping.” However, using rattles, drums, and other instruments can provide additional musical experience.

The reason we are using minimalist effects and graphics is not to overwhelm the kids. We aim to provide the best interactive learning experience, while also avoiding things that could be “too much” for your child.

We only use seven Music Notes, or Mujies, in order to accurately represent the entire note scale.

We always recommend that parents practice music together with their children. While we have put a lot of effort into creating a child-friendly gameplay, doing music together provides children with a better experience. You can believe us, spending this time with the child will be incredibly fun for both of you! 

You have nothing to worry about. All the sounds detected by the microphone will not be saved and will never be sent to anyone. The sounds are detected with the sole purpose of instant recognition on your device, so your private data is safe. For further information, please visit our Política de Privacidade.

We work continuously to update and improve the app to make the learning process even more fun and effective for your child. Our fees are affordable, and you are welcome to try out Hello Music for free to see whether it is the right fit for you and your kid.

Sim, nós temos condições especiais para professores! Confirar mais detalhes nesta página. Saber mais. Hello Music and Baby Composer are included for free with the World of Music licenses.

Através da música e da aprendizagem de um instrumento, promove-se a autoconfiança, o comportamento social e a formação da personalidade, o desenvolvimento da compreensão lógico-matemática, a memória vocabular, o desenvolvimento linguístico, o estímulo de movimento, o sentido rítmico e a felicidade, entre outras coisas.

For more technical questions, consult our General FAQ.

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