Baby Composer, ages 3+

Our music app for children can help your kid to unleash creativity and compose their own music by playing a tuned xylophone.

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Use it in on your platform of choice: Works on Android, iOS and Windows 8/10.

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Baby Composer‘s FAQ

Yes, it does. Since your child will be using a real glockenspiel or xylophone to play, they will remain involved and engaged in the process. They will quickly achieve success, as the app will always produce a unique music track.

Sure! After the composition is done, you can export the song. If you are using a smartphone, can you even use this song as your new ringtone, - how cool is that?

Because Baby Composer will be one of the first music apps for children, we have decided to use minimal animations and graphics. Our game interface is simple to not distract the children, yet creative enough to ensure that the children have fun!

You have nothing to worry about. All the sounds detected by the microphone will not be saved and will never be sent to anyone. The sounds are detected with the sole purpose of instant recognition on your device, so your private data is safe. For further information, please visit our Política de Privacidade.

We are constantly working to improve our music app for children and deliver fun and engaging learning experiences. While we do require your financial support, our fees are affordable and determined based on public research. You can always try out Baby Composer for free to see whether it is the right choice for you and your child.

Sim, nós temos condições especiais para professores! Confirar mais detalhes nesta página. Saber mais. Hello Music and Baby Composer are included for free with the World of Music licenses.

Indeed! If you have access to the Google Play Store, you can use our learning App.

For more technical questions, consult our General FAQ.

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